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Buyer Tips

For their biggest lifetime purchase, Americans place their trust in the experts

  • Posted Dec 9, 2022

For most Americans, buying a home is the most significant purchase they’ll ever make. While most buyers begin their home search online, 9 in 10 still choose a trusted real estate agent to guide them through this infrequent, complex transaction. For anyone looking at homes for sale in Northern New Jersey, an NJMLS REALTOR® member is the expert to trust.

As Bob Musinski wrote in a July 2020 article in Forbes, "Buying or selling a house might be the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever make, which is why hiring the right real estate professional is vital to getting the best deal.”

Your local NJMLS REALTOR® knows about local property taxes and neighborhoods. They are skilled at coordinating with lenders and researching mortgage rates. They’ll expertly manage required NJ state and federal forms and closing documents.

As home buying experts, local real estate agents – like the REALTORS® who are part of the NJMLS help consumers navigate what is for many the most complex and important transaction they’ll ever do.

NJMLS REALTORS® know the New Jersey community like you wouldn’t believe.

They know local, county and state property taxes. They decipher public property information. They advise on price trends, schools and neighborhoods. They skillfully manage the niche information, details, and decisions associated with the local market.

REALTORS® understand the financial aspects of a purchase.

They know how to work with lenders. They stay up to speed on mortgage rates and terms. They coordinate appraisals and inspections.

From making an offer to closing, REALTORS® manage the legal parts of your purchase.

They work with attorneys on legal reviews. They make sense of all required state and federal forms. They handle closing documents.

Two decades ago, at the height of the dot-com boom, some conventional wisdom held that technology would render the real estate agent obsolete. That could not have been further from the truth then and still is not true today. Technology is indeed playing an increasingly important role in the home purchase process, but it takes expertise to navigate the available tools and data. REALTOR® members of the NJMLS have access to professional tools and industry data, as well as the knowledge to use the information to work with and advise people in the home purchase process.

When the time comes for your home purchase—save time, save money and save yourself a lot of stress. Work with an expert. Your NJMLS REALTOR® is a professional dealing every single day with community, financial and legal aspects of home buying. So while you can start your home search online, an NJMLS member will get you to the finish line. No wonder 97% of home buyers touted their REALTOR’S® honesty and integrity, and 91% would use their agent again or recommend them to a friend.