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Hackensack: One of the Best Places to Live Near NYC

  • Posted Oct 20, 2022

If you work in New York City or want to be close to the urban center for cultural activities and nightlife, it makes sense to choose a nearby location that offers access in a comfortable and more affordable way. Hackensack, NJ is one of the best options when it comes to small city or suburban living with an easy commute.

The driving distance from Hackensack, NJ to New York City is 17 miles.

An Overview of Hackensack, NJ​

It is also historically important when it comes to events around the start of the United States and early colonial life. Things like the Borg’s Woods Nature Preserve and the high-end shops at Riverside offer many different options for entertaining or enriching experiences. A popular brewing company, ethnically diverse restaurants, and the Ice House skating complex offer additional options.

If you want a smaller town vibe but still stay close to NYC, Hackensack provides exactly that. It is in Bergen County, which is in the northeastern corner of New Jersey. The town of Hackensack itself lies right in the middle and is actually the seat of the county government.

The latest census puts the small city’s population at just over 46,000. It is reasonably ethnically diverse and offers multiple points of interest for people who want to explore other cultures.

Commuting to New York City

Many people consider Hackensack a suburb of New York City like many other areas of northern New Jersey. A large percentage of the people who live here commute to the Big Apple every day. It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to drive in if you take your own car and have a designated parking spot waiting for you on the other side. Hackensack also has a bus terminal and New Jersey Transit has a station there. Commuting by train, the preferred method for those who want to avoid rush-hour congestion and parking costs in NYC, takes about half an hour.

Cost Savings by the City

When compared with the rest of the country, home prices in Hackensack may seem high. The median home value is $306,000. However, compared to the rest of New Jersey and especially places with an easy commute to NYC, this urban location is relatively affordable. Individuals and families can stretch their budget further on everyday purchases and large decisions like housing when compared to city-center locations.

Overall, Hackensack is considered one of the best places to live near NYC for those who need to commute every day. Just 30 minutes on the train gets you to downtown Manhattan. The mix of urban and suburban neighborhoods offers something suitable for young single professionals or families who want to either rent or own their own homes. If this tops your list of qualities you look for in your next home, give Hackensack, New Jersey a look and explore the properties for sale in the area. 

Contact an NJMLS Realtor member to find the perfect Hackensack property for you. They can help you through every step of the home-buying process.