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Jersey City, NJ – A Great Place to Call Home

  • Posted Jan 14, 2022

Whether you need to move to Jersey City specifically due to a career opportunity or you are still researching New Jersey areas to consider for your future home, you will find many benefits to this northern urban center. These characteristics can help you make up your mind to put this area of northern NJ at the top of your list.

Whether you are an individual looking for a trendy apartment close to NYC or want to move your family to a culturally diverse location rich in art, history, and science, you can find what you are looking for in Jersey City. 

Easy Access to New York City


Take a look at a map of northern New Jersey, and you will not find one without New York City showing up on the eastern borders. Jersey City lies directly west of the Big Apple, which makes it one of the most accessible out-of-state locations to live if you work in NYC or love to visit. In fact, some people even call it the sixth borough. Not only is this vibrant city in close proximity, but there are also many public transportation options that can take you there for your daily commute or a quick visit for a show or any other reason. The city skyline views from the Eastern shore are quite amazing too.

Art and Culture Abound


Besides the amazing opportunities just across the river in New York, Jersey City offers a wide variety of art and cultural opportunities for you and your family to explore. This oldest city in the state combines a strong historical presence with a modern art scene rarely rivaled anywhere else in the United States. Not only may your neighbor be involved in the art scene, but you will see many examples of creative work on buildings, in parks, and the high number of galleries and other cultural centers across the city.

Jersey City Contains the Statue of Liberty


Even though this iconic American statue is technically owned by the state of New York, she stands inside the borders of Jersey City instead. You can easily visit the historically significant site or simply view her grandeur from the edge of the water.

The Most Diverse City in New Jersey


Whether you are part of a less represented ethnic group or simply love to explore the diversity of a wide range of neighbors, Jersey City offers an amazing array of options to experience. This modern American city is imbued with the colors, tastes, sounds, and styles of diverse ethnicities and cultures from all around the world. Not only can you find your place in the melting pot of neighborhoods, but you will also enjoy many unique festivals, dining options, and new opportunities to make friends. Jersey City has claimed the title of the most diverse in the United States since 2017.

Discover Rich History in Jersey City


As the oldest city in the state, it makes sense that Jersey City would have a lot of historically significant spots. The peninsula that juts out into the Hudson river was first founded by Henry Hudson in 1609. Over the centuries, it has come under the control of many different countries and individuals, and many important events occurred in this area. You can still see historic buildings intermingled with the modern city aesthetic.

Public Transportation Is Accessible and Safe


While many people do own private cars, trucks, and SUVs in Jersey City, it also boasts an excellent public transportation system. This involves trains, buses, and the New Jersey ferry, which takes many people to nearby New York City every day. People who live in urban areas appreciate access to convenient and eco-friendly transport that saves them money on parking and still gets them where they want to go with ease.

It Houses the Largest Planetarium in North America


The very popular Liberty Science Center recently renovated its IMAX theater into an amazingly high-tech planetarium. This was possible due to a $5 million donation from a science lover in the area. The new planetarium is the largest and most advanced in the entire North American continent today with a 290-degree dome. It opens up a wealth of educational and entertainment opportunities for residents of Jersey City and those who visit for an outer space adventure.

Neighborhoods Offer Variety and Affordability


Whether you are interested in a neighborhood feel and amazing views new the Waterfront or a more active nightlife scene with plenty of active businesses in Downtown, or a trendier and diverse scene in the Heights, you can find the perfect place for you.

Affordability varies and depends on your own personal finances. Jersey City has a generally lower cost of living than nearby Manhattan.

Ranked High on the Best Places to Live List

Business partners finishing a conversation after a successful meeting. They are laughing and having a good time.

According to a recent study by Niche, Jersey City ranked in the top third of Best Places to Live all across the country with an A- grade. It is an independent ranking that lets people who have this place on their short list of options that there is very real data to back up their choice. Besides this generally high-ranking for all demographics, Jersey City hit the top 20 for young professionals.

The best-rated scores on the report card included diversity, nightlife, outdoor activities, health and fitness, commute options, and family focus.

Other unique facts about Jersey City include:

– Famous figures like Frank Sinatra and Shaquille O’Neal come from here.
– The iconic Colgate clock is the fourth largest clock in the world.
– This region was a stop on a commonly used Underground Railroad route.
– It is part of the East Coast at Greenway Trail bike path from the Florida Keys.

Jersey City is simply a great place to call home. People who work in nearby New York City find it more affordable and easier to commute. Those looking for ultimate diversity in an urban setting discover a vibrant arts culture and neighborhood feel. For history or science, public transportation or walkability, Jersey City tops the list of places to consider for your next move.

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